How it Works

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better

A Roadmap for Your Live Better Journey

Any man can have low testosterone, but only a few guys take action to start feeling like themselves again. Your Immortal Male membership is your opportunity to take charge with a personalized care regimen that understands what your life should be.

4 Easy Steps to Begin Your Journey

Go all in on a lifestyle betterment approach that’s just for men. You can feel and look better, regain sexual confidence, and enjoy more energy to do the things you want.


Apply for Immortal Male Membership

The application is brief, just a few short questions so we can understand more about your goals for longer, healthier, and better living. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about TRT treatment and the Immortal Male lifestyle.


Measure Your Biological Markers

Our simple yet comprehensive at-home test kit is sent direct to you. Don’t worry, it’s easy and fast. Return your completed test kit to our CLIA-certified medical testing laboratory, where our assessment staff will process results for key male hormone levels that may affect energy, mood, weight balance, muscle mass, and sex drive.


Meet online with your personal program physician

Schedule a time that works for you and your physician will share test kit results, discuss actionable insights into your wellness, and review recommendations for a TRT program tailored to address your health factors and meet your lifestyle goals. Your physician will also answer any questions and provide you with more information to begin your TRT journey.


Begin your treatment – welcome to Immortal Male living!

Your TRT medication arrives direct to your door in discreet packaging. Membership ensures you have access to ongoing concierge service, from on-demand personalized support, to regular updates and insights from the cutting edge of the men’s healthcare movement.

This Is About Your Right to Live Better

Immortal Male membership is all about living better. That means having more energy, being more sexually confident, being bolder and more driven to enjoy your life. Our TRT solutions are powered by advanced science and approved medical techniques to resolve low testosterone.

We have a plan that’s just right for you to become an Immortal Male!

Begin to Live More Life Today!

The wait is over, the time to begin a better and more satisfying lifestyle is now. Click here to take the first step in a journey custom designed for your health and happiness.

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