Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Getting older is Unavoidable

Feeling Older Is a Choice

Benefits of bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

Immortal Male’s Testosterone is 100% Bioidentical

Unlike synthetic testosterone, bioidentical testosterone is nearly chemically identical to what your body naturally produces, making it the safest and most natural choice for your hormone replacement therapy.


How testosterone levels change in men with age

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease, causing many of the symptoms of aging. This can be prevented and even reversed with Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy.

While online and traditional TRT clinics can cost upwards of $500 for the initial consult, we offer better care and bioidentical treatment at a price most can afford. 

Don’t accept the unpleasant and unwanted symptoms of aging any longer.


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At-Home Test Kit


Our simple yet comprehensive at-home test kit is sent direct to you. Don’t worry, it’s easy and fast.

Return your completed test kit to our CLIA-certified medical testing laboratory, where our assessment staff will process results for key male hormone levels that may affect energy, mood, weight balance, muscle mass, and sex drive.

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Testosterone Injections

All-Inclusive at $199/mo

Shipped every 60 days*:


  • 10ml vial of Testosterone Cypionate
  • 60ct 5mg Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) Tablets
  • 60ct Thyroid (Liothyronine) Tablets
Available whenever you need:

  • Consultation with your dedicated patient advocate concierge
  • Scheduled visits with your provider and medical staff

Frequently asked Questions

Immortal Male is a concierge guided testosterone replacement therapy subscription. We operate within a science-based approach that supports an ongoing conversation about how you can better understand your health and deploy tailored medical solutions to achieve your happiness and wellness goals.

Membership is reserved for men:

  • 18 years & older
  • Reside within our service areas
  • Believe that symptoms of low testosterone may be impacting their happiness, health or enjoyment of life

Our comprehensive subscription model supports concierge-level care designed for long term TRT treatment.

Membership application includes a one-time $99 at-home test kit, which provides a detailed medical assessment and recommendations for treatment from the Immortal Male medical team. Choose from several available subscriptions tailored to meet your membership goals. Medications arrive discreetly, regular check-ins measure progress, and concierge support is available at all times.

We want to improve access to quality healthcare for men, with ongoing service and a concierge level of support.

39% of men over the age of 45 have low testosterone. Medical solutions to reduce or eliminate symptoms are available, however cost, convenience, and fear of judgment often prevent men from enjoying the lifestyle they want.

At Immortal Male we provide comprehensive, tailored care that is covered by a simple monthly subscription. We provide evidence-based therapies and medication in a safe and effective way.

Our telemedicine model optimizes access and quality. Gain support from the program when you need it, including the ability to schedule visits with your prescribing physician when it’s convenient for you.

Your Immortal Male membership is completely up to you. Our subscription is month-to-month and can be canceled at any time with prior notice. For most effective results, we recommend a long term treatment plan that leverages our commitment to providing concierge-level support.

Your provider will need to confirm your identity and date of birth prior to telemedicine treatment.

We require an identifiable photo of your face, taken in real-time and that is a clear and accurate representation of you at the point in time of your online visit (i.e. not old photos of you from years ago).

  • No sunglasses or other facial obstructions
  • No pictures of pictures
  • No filters

We also require an identifiable government-issued photo ID that must include:

  • First & last name
  • Date of birth
  • Expiration date (for legal purposes your ID cannot be expired)
  • Unobstructed photo of your face

Our team is available from 6am – 6pm PST Monday through Friday at:

[email protected] or (310) 692-4505

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What It looks Like to Be an Immortal Male

Immortal Male membership is all about benefits. Your ultimate satisfaction needs more than just living longer: it’s about living better, happier, and with more ability to do all the things you really want to do.

TRT Really Works

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Your Team of Physicians

Trace Owens, FNP

Angelo State University, The University of Texas at El Paso

I am Trace Owens a Nurse Practitioner from Austin. I completed my undergraduate at The University of Texas at El Paso and my post graduate at Angelo State University. After completing my post graduate I began working in urgent care, always having a passion for men’s health even in my post graduate studies.

Rachel McLeod, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

South University

FNP with a background in family care, mental health, and holistic medicine. As a nurse, I have a background in emergency medicine (focused on trauma), preoperative nursing, and ICU. I am a mother and wife of 5 years. I currently reside in North Carolina and am licensed in 6 states.

Miesha Kinder, PA

Florida State University

Over 17 years in nursing with 7 of them in the role of an Advanced Practitioner. FNP certified. Primary focus has been in Internal Medicine within the acute care setting. A true passion for helping others through education, words of encouragement, and paying it forward.

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