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Membership is $199/mo. to receive all the benefits of the Immortal Male lifestyle.

One-time $49 purchase of your at-home test kit is also required.

There's much more to Immortal Male than simply a subscription.

This is a members-only community dedicated to capturing the joy of living your best life. Be the confident, capable, and sexually attractive man you deserve to be.

With our men’s healthcare membership, you’re provided safe, medical science-approved tools to understand your health and take charge of your personal power. You will discover:

This Is Your Time, This Is the Opportunity

Immortal Male is safe, discreet, and it’s working for thousands of men just like you. Medical science is unlocking the secrets of aging, now you can understand how your body is changing, what might be holding you back, and how to move forward to recapture the vitality of your youth.

Join an Elite Membership Community

One of the reasons that Immortal Male is so successful is that it’s more than just a subscription service. This is not a one-time-consult service, and then you’re on your own. Our healthcare team is available to you on-demand, at no extra cost, so you can ask questions, receive expert advice, and make adjustments that allow you to get the most benefits and value from your membership.

We’re proud to say it: Immortal Male membership has its benefits! Join us and unlock your potential for sustained health, happiness, and lifestyle satisfaction.

Immortal Male Is Your Partner for a Happy, Healthy & Vital Lifestyle

Here’s what you get with your Immortal Male monthly membership:

Your membership begins with a medical assessment of your at-home test kit. The team at our CLIA-certified medical testing laboratory measures key male hormone levels that may affect energy, mood, weight balance, muscle mass, and sex drive. Gain detailed insights into your overall health and wellness.

Your initial provider consultation is an opportunity to discuss test kit results, explore wellness strategies, and review recommendations for a TRT program tailored to meet your goals.

After that, your provider is available whenever you need them, along with additional online and telephone assistance options. You get a TRT roadmap and ongoing support to help you live your Immortal Male lifestyle.

Confidential service and discreet packaging for deliveries ensure membership happens on your terms. Your personal healthcare information is protected and you can always make adjustments to optimize the benefits of your TRT treatment.

You have the on-call support of a team of dedicated men’s healthcare professionals behind you, ready to assist with medical assessments, advice, health planning, and more. They can help you discover what you want most for your life, then give you the proven medical tools and lifestyle strategies to achieve it.

Live More Life, Starting Now

We have insights into how you can sustain the energy, vigor, and high quality of life you deserve. Click here to get started – we can’t wait for you to begin living your best life!

Learn more about yourself and empower your ability to overcome the aging or health-related obstacles holding you back.

Take a proactive path to improve your happiness and deepen your enjoyment of life.

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