What Are the Permanent
Effects of Going on Testosterone?

What Are the Permanent Effects of Going on Testosterone?

What are the permanent effects of going on testosterone? There are certain physical and emotional effects of TRT. Get the best TRT at Immortal Male.

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What Are the Permanent Effects of Going on Testosterone?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medical treatment used to boost low testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a critical role in developing and maintaining male sexual characteristics. It also plays a role in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bone density.1

TRT is typically prescribed for men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism. It is a condition in which the body produces low levels of testosterone. Various factors, including aging, injury, illness, or a genetic disorder, can cause hypogonadism.

TRT can be administered through a variety of methods, including the following:

  • Injections
  • Patches
  • Gels
  • Pellets
  • Oral medications
What are the permanent effects of going on testosterone?

Administration Methods

The most common method is injections. They are typically given once every two to four weeks. Other methods involve applying a patch or gel daily or taking oral medications. 

TRT has been shown to improve many symptoms associated with low testosterone, including the following:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Fatigue 

So, what are the permanent effects of going on testosterone? If you have questions about this or any other potential side effect of testosterone, reach out to us at Immortal Male today. 

What Are the Permanent Effects of Going on Testosterone?

There are many potential side effects of going on testosterone. Testosterone levels in men decline with age. Some men may also experience a deficiency in testosterone levels due to other conditions, leading to symptoms such as low libido.

Testosterone replacement therapy can address low testosterone levels and help improve these symptoms. The effects of TRT will depend on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • The individual’s age
  • Health status
  • The duration and method of treatment

Effects of TRT

In general, the effects of TRT are reversible. This means that if TRT is discontinued, the body will return to its pretreatment state.

However, some permanent effects of going on testosterone include changes in voice pitch and hair growth. These effects result from laryngeal and facial hair follicle growth, respectively. They are not reversible once they occur.

However, some negative effects include acne, mood swings, sleep apnea, and an increased risk of blood clots.2

Are These Effects Permanent?

These effects are generally reversible once treatment is discontinued. It is essential for individuals considering TRT to consult with an endocrinologist or other qualified healthcare provider to determine if TRT is right for them. 

Physical and Mood Changes After Going on Testosterone

Mood-wise, the effects of TRT on mood can vary depending on the individual. Some men may experience an improvement in mood after starting TRT, as low testosterone levels have been associated with depression and other mood disorders.3

However, TRT can also cause mood swings, irritability, and aggression in some men. These effects are usually mild and temporary, but in some cases, they may persist and require changes to the treatment plan.

While mood changes are a potential side effect of TRT, the effects can vary and are generally mild and temporary.

Physical Changes

Physically, what are the permanent effects of going on testosterone? Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. The effects of TRT on physical changes can vary depending on the individual and the duration and method of treatment. 

One of the most common physical changes that may occur after going on testosterone is an increase in muscle mass and bone density.

Another physical change that may occur is an increase in red blood cell count. Testosterone stimulates the production of erythropoietin. In turn, this stimulates the production of red blood cells. This effect can be beneficial in cases of anemia but may also increase the risk of blood clots.4

Why Do These Changes Occur?

These changes may occur due to a variety of factors and vary from person to person. 

These changes can include the following:

  • The dosage of testosterone
  • The method of administration
  • Individual differences in metabolism and hormone levels.

It’s important to meet with your doctor to determine the right kind of TRT administration that will work best for your needs. Also, if you have any co-occurring disorders, this can affect how testosterone works in your body. 

Your doctor or treatment provider will work alongside you to create the best treatment plan for your needs and symptoms.

What Are the Permanent Effects of Going on Testosterone?

Getting TRT at Immortal Male

What are the permanent effects of going on testosterone? Emotional and physical changes are potential effects of TRT and may occur due to various factors, as stated above. Men should work closely with their healthcare provider to manage any potential side effects and ensure that TRT is right for them.

Immortal Male is a top-rated medical center offering TRT and other forms of therapy. With the best hormonal experts in the country, we will develop an individualized plan to give you the best TRT possible. When you’re with us, you get the best benefits of TRT, including the following:

  • Improved mood
  • Less stress
  • Better memory
  • Increased muscle mass
  • More energy

There are many benefits of getting the TRT therapy you or a loved one deserve.

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If you or a loved one is considering getting on testosterone replacement therapy, Immortal Male will be able to help with that. 

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